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I wish I remember the rest of my dream from last night... all that I recall is I was married to John Constantine... that means it couldn't have ended well....
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I'm soooooooooooo going to Emerald City this year!!!!!!!!!!!!

(time to get my fangirl on!!!!!!)
and more!!!

I think I might be able to talk a friend into going because a lot of the cast of Buffy will be there and she's a huge fan...

It's too bad that Steve Niles isn't returning this year, he was there last year but I don't see him on the list this year.

ok yeah, yeah, it's no Comicon but hey at least I can drive there :)


Sep. 15th, 2010 08:08 am
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I'm having one of those 'I have no reason but I'm happy" days so I thought I would share. They are too few and far between and need to be relished when they happen :)
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Today I've started a TV fast. It all started with a conversation with my friend Snacky. I do watch tooooooo much TV and I think that this fast will be good for me both spiritually and mentally. Over the last couple of years I've become such a TV addict!! I've become one of those people who will watch practically anything... I don't know exactly when I crossed the line from pleasure to addiction, but I did.

I'm set for the next three days and hoping to stretch it to seven.
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One of my friends, [livejournal.com profile] momebie, is trying for twenty-five books read in 2010. I have decided to join her in that endeavour, though I am a little late to the party. Quite honestly if I manage to read half of that I will consider the year to be a success. I just finished "I am Legend" and am currently reading "Bird by Bird".

Feel free to give me any reading suggestions you might have :)

Tomorrow is the start of my classes, I'm both scared and excited... I sooooo don't know what to expect...

a plan...

Oct. 29th, 2009 02:03 pm
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I have fourteen pages left in my fanart sketchbook, I plan to fill everyone of them by the end of the year!!
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I've just spent all morning making rubber tree bark for a MTV reality show...

It made me happy that my friend that I helped last week with her props recommended me! And they liked me so I hope I get more work. I'm not union, unfortunately, but I can be hired to assist a union member for contract work, which most prop work is. I should find out how many hours I need to get my permittee license...
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Ruby's knife is sitting on my studio mate's desk right now. She has to make a new batch for the show. I have to say it's a way cooler prop than I thought it would be.
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K... why do people think it's a better idea to leave their dogs in a car than at home?! I arrive at my workout place and there are two dogs sitting in someones car... a workout takes at least a half an hour... more likely an hour... I will say they weren't in the sun but still...
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Thursday was my anniversary!! This weekend we are off to Whistler! We were going to go to Seattle but I just wanted a quiet weekend.

My knee is still buggered but I now know why it hurts... the x-ray show arthritis, though my doctor really thinks that I have gout which would appear very similar in x-rays... but I ask... gout??? how fourteenth century of me LOL!! Needless to say no hiking for me, which is fine... mother nature will just have to wait for a different opportunity to do me in :D
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I'm off to the Sunshine Coast for a weekend writer's retreat this afternoon at a cabin that the only amenities are indoor plumbing and electricity. I'm quite thankful for the indoor plumbing but I do miss internet. We went last year too and it was strange not having the internet when I write... but then again it really removed a distraction... like no avoiding work while playing games LOL
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I have decided to delete all other LJ-ish accounts I'm not using. All I'm left with LJ, IJ (only for posting in some com... never update there and am still debating on getting rid of that one...) and Facebook. I mean honestly I have problems just maintaining this journal LOL... Weirdly Facebook is mainly a handful of RL friends and family that like to communicate that way... what has happened to the phone, lololol...

I guess it wouldn't have done any harm to let them ride but honest I don't care and if someone I don't know takes my name on another site then so be it... I just hope they are nice :D
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I ate too much last night. But boy it was good food!! My husband's company pulled out all the stops and had the Christmas party at one of nice hotels downtown instead of the last couple of years which were at the River Rock Casino...

Just one more party until Christmas... I won't bother to promise myself I won't overeat there either LOL


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