Jul. 7th, 2009 08:14 am
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I'm sorry for the crappy photo... but the portrait is now done :) (well it's been done for over a week...) All constructive comments are welcome :)

Droxy Portrait )


Apr. 19th, 2009 07:17 am
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This is the primarily drawing for a painting that I'm doing for [ profile] droxy. I thought at first it was like my first commission ever but in reality it's an art exchange, LOL. She's making me a Hooch cape and I'm doing the painting :)

Anyway the painting itself is a portrait of [ profile] droxy as Headmaster Snape. So here is the final drawing and composition for the painting :)

Headmaster Snape )
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I've decided relearn how to do 'Master's style' oil painting.

The unfinished results of my work so far :) )
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Again this is not fandom this week. It's two studies of my hubby♥ that I'm working on to do a painting. The first is a line study and the second is tonal study.

Line Study )

Line Study )
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This is my [ profile] hp_art_project piece.

Chamber of Secrets
Chapter Nine

The inspiration: From various places on page 108 Canadian/British ed.

Chapter Nine - CoS )

48. Dizzy

Dec. 11th, 2008 01:30 pm
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Really... I haven't posted for a month and for the last three days I've been posting like twice a day LOL

Anyway this is the first piece from my prompt table. It is number 48. Dizzy. [ profile] karasu_hime asked ofr this prompt with HP fandom. Since it's Karasu I assume that she wants RL/SS :D

So here is a PG drawble of RL/SS with prompt Dizzy. )


Dec. 8th, 2008 09:47 am
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I've had a few request from my flist on what the heck I'm doing since I haven't post HP art for a while... well here is a character sketch of an original character from a comic I'm creating. Granted he's a minor character, a shape-shifter soldier who can change into rats... yes I said rats as in many... it's just in primarily stages but any comments would be more than welcome!!

Character Sketch of Nigel the Rat )
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As promised... the least sucky Sammy. LOL!!

Sammy )
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No reason I did this one... I have other request and such to do as well as real life commitments... so why am I drawing random Bellatrixes?? Don't know, LOL!!

Bellatrix )
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I am a very much come lately to this fandom. I just never really got into the series until this year. I know, I know, the first season are always supposed to be the best and so on, but though I did watch the show occasionally I just never got into it until this year... now I really love it and I need to grovel to friends to borrow their DVDs of the earlier seasons...

Anyway I actually signed up for [ profile] spn_j2_bigbang and I have never done any Supernatural fanart before, so I decided I should get off my bike and start doing it!!!

This is my first piece and it is a shameless rip off of a promo photo, but I did try to put some of myself into the drawing... (maybe too much...) It is few first... first Supernatural and first gun I have ever drawn.

Also I think I will need to get some new icons...

Dean )
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This is for [ profile] droxy. thanks for the encouragement when I was moving :), Here is a drawble of your OTP, Hermione and Snape. I don't think I have ever drawn that pairing before :)

As always the rating is G and the medium is pencil.

Not Today! )
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I just got this bunny of an idea of a happy moment between Lily and Severus so I sketched it out. I don't know if I will take it to ink but I'm really quite fond of it so I thought I would share. Any crit is welcome!!!

Friends )
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Ok... first things first... I have owed this to [ profile] ani_bester from before the 7 book was published... ***blush***

A Flower for Peter )

With that now posted on to your drawble!!!


Aug. 16th, 2007 08:12 am
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I did this piece for [ profile] karasu_hime based on a conversation that we had. And it does belong to [ profile] karasu_hime and is her Prophecy swag art piece.

Lupin/Snape & Lily )

This brings up another point... er... I owe art to people from Prophecy... I think I maybe did like 2 pieces at the con (though some were happy with some of my portfolio pieces which is yay!!!)... now I know it is not the same thing as getting it at the con but for everyone who did me drawbles or drabbles if you would like art from me I will make you something and send it to you...


Jul. 19th, 2007 12:44 pm
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I did these for [ profile] the_senjou for her community [ profile] hogwarts_cus They are introduction pics for the staff at the school. They are done in ink and vellum.
They belong to the aforementioned community :)
Snape )

Selena Sinistra )
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Title: Snape's Last Kiss
Rating: g
Characters: Snape (implied Lupin)
Disclaimer: Characters belong to the Harry Potter franchise.
Notes: This is art and a drabble of 102 words for the June '07 Dark Side of Snupin. Totally inked with a dip pen which I now really love!!! Thanks to [ profile] _lore and [ profile] kittehkat!!
Warnings: implied character death, dark theme, post war

Snape's Last Kiss )


May. 7th, 2007 09:42 am
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artist: [ profile] xterm
characters: Sirius, Remus, James, Peter (in that order in the pic as well...)
title: The Marauders
rating: G
medium: Pencil
notes/comments: This is a redone piece, I had posted it briefly and then took it down because I hated it... Anyway it's reworked but no ink or colour...

The Marauders )
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artist: [ profile] xterm
characters: Original Character for a friend - The King
title: King of the Blade Dancers
rating: G
medium: watercolour on vellum
notes/comments: This is a piece I did for my friend Snacky.

King of the Blade Dancers )
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artist: [ profile] xterm
characters: Snape & Lupin
title: Snape's Secret Box
rating: G
medium: Watercolour, ink, and colour pencil
notes/comments: This is a departure from my usual style. Also, I'm teaching myself watercolours and just out and out experimenting with colour.

a touch of ramble )

Snape's Secret Box )
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This is a drawble request from this posting.

artist: [ profile] xterm
characters: Lucius & Ginny
title: Lucius and Ginny at Flourish and Blotts
rating: G
medium: pen
notes/comments:[ profile] elfgirljen asked for "Ginny and Lucius from Hp". This is sort of canon. I say sort of canon because I'm going from my memory of CoS... I haven't reread it in years so it's a bit sketchy (no pun intended...)

rambling on & on & on... )

Lucius and Ginny at Flourish and Blotts )


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