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K... I was looking for reference photos to continue doing prompt request that I got like over six month ago (k... don't want to talk about xterm!fail here...lol) Anyways I came across this Star Trek TOS promo photo... it sooooo needed to be shared... k... I don't know what they were thinking, but it's beginning to make sense why fandom slash started with Star Trek... LOL

Captain Kirk with... er... object )
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Ruby's knife is sitting on my studio mate's desk right now. She has to make a new batch for the show. I have to say it's a way cooler prop than I thought it would be.
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Last weekend my husband and I went to Whistler for our anniversary. We had a great time... but that's not the point of this posting...

the point is during that 48 odd hours we saw three different sets of identical twins and one set of triplets... one female set, two male sets and the triplets were also female... one male set were staying in our hotel and like to go to the pool and pretend that they were dead bodies floating in the hot tub... which is strange behaviour to begin with but add the clone element kind of makes my SF mind go a little squirrelly... The other two sets were part of the Xtreme mountain biking festival.

Side note: I would also like to mention another observation which is, professional mountain bikers have an inordinate amount of extreme HOT males that partake in the sport... if you have a fest of this kind in your neighbourhood than I advise you to support local events and attend :D

Back to the twins/triplets. Honest identical twins and especially triplets sort of freak me out... (even if the boys were babes) I think I read too much horror...

another side note: sigh I think I might have to get a paid account... 15 icons is just not enough... especially now since I'm posting regularly LOL
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K... this amused me...

I got to my studio from my vacation and this is how I found my action figures...

I can be soooo juvenile... LOL )


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